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Adam Simcock – Profile

Adam Simcock is the Non-Executive Chairman of Carbon Check (India) Private Limited and the CEO of Carbon Check SA based in South Africa. He has been involved in the Climate Change market for more than 10 years and was the founding director of Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd which was the first Designated Operational Entity (DOE) accredited by the UNFCCC on the African continent. He is also one of the founding partners in the Enervest Franchise, creating newly trained and deemed competent carbon and energy assessors.

Adam has attended multiple Conference of Parties (COP), DOE and Project Development Forums, Carbon Expos, Carbon Trade Fairs and has been a speaker and moderator on a number of platforms on Climate Change. He has travelled widely across Africa, Asia, Europe and The Americas.


  • SETA (Sectorial Education Training Authority) Assessor -2015
  • Corporate and Ethics Governance – University of Pretoria – 2013
  • CEA – Certified Energy Auditor – 2012
  • Fellow of the Academy of Planning Supervisors – 1997
  • City of Guilds of London Institute  7307
  • Adult Education Teachers certificate – 1995

With the understanding of ‘offset’ and credits, Adam was looking to take advantage of the newly signed ‘Kyoto Protocol’  and carbon offsets through the tree planting programme in Africa for oil seeds for bio diesel production for D1 Oils PLC. This culminated in the largest Jatropha tree planting project in Zambia and Malawi with Stancom, a US listed Tobacco Company.  D1 Oils successfully launched on the AIM London in 2004 of which Adam was Head of African Operations.

Adam launched C3 Africa (Climate Change Corporation) and the BBC has filmed the progression with C3 on the planting programmes of Jatropha in Malawi, which has now planted in excess of 1.75million trees. The intercropping of Jatropha with the state Copra Company in Madagascar and the purchase of two Copra oil expelling factories in Mozambique, which led Adam to be presented with the countries ‘Best Industrial Company award 2008’ and later, the development of C3 CARE-Clean Air Rehabilitation Effort whose point of focus was obtaining Voluntary Emission Reduction credits through its day to day activities.

Having firsthand experience in generating carbon offset credits, Adam decided to create the only UNFCCC accredited DOE (Designated Operating Entity) on the African Continent. He succeeded with the accreditation of Carbon Check (Pty) Ltd in 2011 after having taken nearly 18 months in writing the policies and procedures of a new company that could demonstrate its adherence to the UNFCCC standards.

Adam remains the Chairman of Carbon Check and moved its head office from Johannesburg South Africa to New Delhi India in 2015, leaving him the time to again focus on his passion for training and parting with his knowledge. With the upcoming Carbon Tax being implemented in South Africa in 2017, there is a huge requirement for trained, qualified and demonstrated competent individuals who, can conduct energy and carbon audits. Adam has drafted the training programme for individuals to attain ISO 14064 and has launched ‘Carbon Tax 101’ a one day course outlining the tax liabilities of Carbon and how to register a carbon offset project to assist companies to reduce its carbon tax liability.


  • Top student merchant Naval College – Gravesend 1981 under BP bursary
  • All Arms Commando Course 1986
  • Team member British Olympic Cross Country Skiing team 1986-1988
  • Part of the listing team for D1 Oils -2004
  • Best Industrial Company in Mozambique 2008
  • Creating Africa’s only United Nations Accredited – Designated Operational Entity- Carbon Check Pty Ltd 2011
  • Team Leader on the largest Grid Emission Factor audit under the UNFCCC for the Southern African Power Pool (GEF – SAPP) 2013
  • Founding Partner – Enervest Franchisor 2015

After completing his schooling in Wilmslow Cheshire and Plymouth Devon, Adam was awarded a bursary from BP-British Petroleum, to attend the Merchant Navy College – Gravesend, Kent, England. Having obtained the second highest grade in his college intake, Adam embarked on his first career on board BP oil tankers as a cook.

Having travelled the world by sea, Adam decided to stay on dry land and consequently joined the British Army – Royal Corps of Transport in 1983. Various skills and awards were obtained during his 5 years in the Army, namely – assault course champion, All Arms Commando Course, HGV driver, 800 and 1500 meter combined services runner and becoming British Novice Cross Country Skiing Champion before being selected for the British National Skiing Squad in 1986 for the 1988 Calgary Olympics. After a major injury which left him hospitalized and in a wheelchair for nearly a year Adam, left the Army in 1988 and retired from skiing – aged 24.

After becoming an Estate Agent in Woking Surrey, Adam was the top salesman in various companies before taking ‘early retirement’ and buying a small restaurant in Scotland in 1990. A year later, Adam was back in London undertaking property sales and refurbishment under the Governments BES – Business Expansion Scheme, where, his company grew from strength to strength with the conversions of old warehousing and cork factories in South London to exclusive apartments and culminating in the purchase of a building system from America called ‘Thermasteel’ a polystyrene and steel modular building system.

Having the ability to get things done, Adam built an ‘earthquake resistant house’ in Turkey and thus sold the first Thermasteel licence from the US to Turkey in 1996. This then saw Adam at the Habitat 2 exhibition in Turkey being interviewed on local Television along Boutros Boutros Ghali Secretary General of the United Nations. It was at this interview where it was suggested that he went to South Africa to look to build houses with the Thermasteel system under the new government programme ‘Houses for All’. During the late 1990’s Adam built several ‘low income homes’ in South Africa however, the issues facing the country were not building the houses, rather being able to ‘afford’ a home. Banks were not ‘open’ to lending money to the ‘masses’.

This opportunity saw Adam create a securitized home loan scheme based on a seven year fixed term, fixed rate. PHC – Provident Housing Corporation. The funds required for such a venture would come from the ‘Offset and Counter Trade’ that was ‘sweeping’ the Country due to the massive ‘Arms Procurement Programme’ which saw Adam dealing with such companies as BAe Systems, Ferrostaal, ThyssenKrupp and Rolls Royce. All of whom had various ‘obligations’ under their respective sales to the SA Government.

It was here that his relationship with Rotch (the UKs second largest privately owned property company) flourished. Investments through the Defence Offset scheme went into the tens of millions largely through Adam’s negotiations of packaging a ‘supply chain’ project with BAe Systems and DNA Supply Chains, a listed company on the JSE. It was at this time Adam was seconded to ‘TEC’ – Technology Exploitation Centre, a sister Company of Armscor, created from the ‘DDA’ Defence Diversification Agency’  headed by Prof. Dr Damian MacDonald OBE in the UK whom, recommended Adam to this position via Rotch. In short, an assessment of military technology that could be used within the civilian environment. Having seen Adams’ creative side, Karl Watkin MBE asked Adam to draft an ‘arms offset’ programme to support the soon to be listed D1 Oils. He did just that, and in partnership with Rolls Royce launched the first bio fuels project under the South African defence offset scheme to help fulfil UK industry obligations.  It was in this role in 2000 that he met Nigel Fisher (then the MODUK First Secretary, Defence Exports at the British High Commission in Pretoria) to give and receive mutual support in a trusted friendship and business relationship which survives today.  UK sales successes in the major SA Defence procurement programmes exceeded £1.5 billion.

With the ‘Arms Procurement Offset Project’ nearing its end, Adam continued with D1 Oils and with the understanding of ‘offset’ and credits, he was looking to take advantage of the newly signed ‘Kyoto Protocol’  and carbon offsets through the tree planting programme in Africa for oil seeds for bio diesel production for D1 Oils PLC. This culminated in the largest Jatropha tree planting project in Zambia and Malawi with Stancom, a US listed Tobacco Company.  D1 Oils successfully launched on the AIM London in 2004 of which Adam was Head of African Operations.