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Mandatory Carbon Reporting

The Department of Environmental Affairs has now made Carbon Reporting Mandatory. This means that Companies now have to report on their GHG emissions. Most Companies see this as ‘carbon footprint’ – however, reports have to be compiled on all CO2 emissions using a standard such as ISO 14000 (14064 and 14065) to determine the corporate boundaries, project boundaries and based on operational control of such.

Renewable energy and ISO 50001 is not really in play here. Renewable energy has no greenhouse gas emissions but could show a reduction of such if carbon emissions were being emitted under scope 1 and not just energy from the grid (scope 2 emissions).

Greenhouse gases have to be reported on under; combustion, process, and fugitive emissions. All manufacturing companies and those businesses that have 10MW thermal capacity ‘input’ – capacity being the key word – you may not use it -but you have capacity to, therefore, you have to report what you actually do. GHG reporting or an environmental report can be undertaken by us. Call us for a no obligation discussion.

mandatory Carbon Reporting